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We enjoyed the happy first ever China Suzhou Steemit Meetup this Afternoon 第一次Steemit中国苏州正式聚会

After preparing for a month, we are holding the first major Suzhou Team Steemit Meetup at October 15th. We have tried our best to design the banners, the stickers, and the hand flags printed with unique id of each member. It is the first time for me to organize an official meetup.I finally find a place with traditional Chinese elements, and a big enough stage to have fun.


After announcing the meetup notice, I so happy that I received many messages from other Steemit members who would be love to join us. In my opinion, October 15th is a day to remember forever as it means a lot for our Steemit Suzhou Team.



There are 11 steemit members who attended the meet-up. From left to right, @herlife @karasui @lucyshow @candiceji @sunnyjolly@veronicazhu @icedream @hannahwu @ceciliali. And the only male in this meetup is @luneknight, who comes from Beijing.

参加的有11位,从左到右依次是 @herlife @karasui @lucyshow @candiceji@sunnyjolly @veronicazhu @icedream @hannahwu @ceciliali 中间这位唯一的男生是来自北京的 @luneknight。鉴于之前 @tumutanzi 帖子里说我们都是活在ps里的假女神,所以来个高清无滤镜无ps版本哦,单反拍的放大连毛孔都很清楚。


Steemit has its unique charm that no one could resist. Besides the friend from Beijing, we also have a remote video call with @victorier , who is from Hongkong. He looks so youthful and handsome. When he finds I am taking photos of him, he smiles shyly.

通过平台的号召力,除了有远自帝都的朋友前来加盟参与,还有一位远程参加的香港朋友 @victorier ,看到我在偷拍他笑得好害羞呀,但是大家一致表示很帅的有木有?这着朋友们的参与也让我深刻感受到Steemit的魅力和能量。

I would like to thank @tumutanzi, for delivering your wishes and anticipations; thank all the major players of Steemit for your great support, and thank Steemit itself for establishing a tremendous hub of ideas and friendship. All the activities organized are intriguing and mind-blowing, as always.

还有这位压轴的重量级 @tumutanzi 的捧场。我很感谢Steemit上的各位大鲸们的支持,亦很感谢steemit这个平台给大家提供了“以文会友”的社交平台,各类丰富多样的主题活动,比如文字类的,大伟哥 @rivalhw 跟菊老板 @jubi 定期都在举行“月旦评”活动,“谷哥点名”活动;绘画类的, @linuslee0216@htliao 跟女神 @nicolemoker 的“宠物大赛”,“动漫设计”比赛,跟“自画像”比赛,总能让人眼前一亮。


It is too cold to wear Steemit T-shirt here in suzhou. So we prepared many kinds of stickers like “I love Steemit”,”whale power logo”, and “steemit logo”. And we printed them in three different sizes. In this way, we could stick them to our faces, arms, and clothes.


And @sunnyjolly has her own way to show off her sticker. Please be focus on the nail art of @veronicazhu, she draw the steemit logo on our finger nails. It is so creative.

现在的天气穿steemit的T恤比较冷啦,所以我们给参与的成员制作了贴纸跟独一无二的手拉旗。并且很大大小小很多尺寸,请看参考 @sunnyjolly 贴标签的正确方式。请注意我们 @veronicazhu 的大拇指指甲, 很花心思的把steemit的logo画在指甲上了哦。

In the party, we know each other better from online to reality. And I feel so special that the one’s real character could be so different with what he writes. Let’s take @luneknight for example, I thought he is a teenager, but indeed he is an experienced man of wisdom.

聚会中,伙伴们增进了认识,当由文字走进现实的时候,感觉还是不同往常,更多了一份亲切,对文字的欣赏转化成了友谊。我们的唯一男生 @luneknight ,我一直以为是个十八岁的二次元骚年,原来是深藏不露的老大哥哦,教我们拍照的时候要比心,告诉我们各种手势是什么意思。


After writing this posts, many foreign friends will know our Suzhou team better. And I believe more and more people will join us. Suzhou is a city of great legend with thousand years of ancient civilization and cultural background. What’s more, people here are eager to pursue new things, change the thought mode, and promote the national renewal. It could be a wonderful place to promote Steemit.



@ceciliali 性格很文静 大家请注意这是单身妹子哦

@candiceji 霸气女王范儿 走心又走肾

@karasui 单身单身单身,重要的事情说三遍。

@hannahwu 是我是我是我

@veronicazhu 我最爱穿着深V出境的妹子哟

@luneknight 二次元少年,我帮他拍照的时候,他一直在问我知不知道他手势的意思。

@lucyshow 阿拉蕾女神哟,有木有很少女?

@herlife 甜美女神,我们的颜值担当。

@sunyjolly 请参照上面的贴sticker的正确方式。

@icedream 划重点,单身妹子,年龄最小,个子最高啦。


We share our stories here, my friends, with words of novelty and romance. I have got chance to experience your experience and feel your feels, which have given me joy and hope.

At last, I am expecting continuous participation from all of you. Let us make this magic, as well as our friendship, last forever.






本文的收益用于苏州Steemit聚会的花费,感谢。The Payout from this post will be used to pay for the dinner fee of this meetup.



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