Travel to Bali: Half Day at Tanah Lot 滴~打卡海神庙~



I went to Pura Tanah Lot, an ancient Hindu temple last week, and was blown away by the natural beauty of this spectacular landscape. In the fifteenth century, The legend says there lives the gods of the sea. And now it remains a site of religious significance to Balinese people.


When I arrive there during low-tide, the temple looks “floating” at the sea. And the tourists could walk down on the beach and view this mysterious temple from a different perspective. Tanah Lot during sunset is just remarkable, but it is so crowded that I just stand far way from them when taking photos.


It is so famous destination for Chinese tourists. Indeed, I had never seen anything like this, and the sightseeing is really beautiful. It is good to have the journey there. But I cannot tell I love traveling there, as there are too many people just like the large population in China.





I took a taxi from my hotel and the driver can speak English very well. And he agreed to come and took us back to the hotel after we finish the tour. If any one visit there, the driver could be a good guide, and the price is only 300RMB/day. I would be happy to share his contact number, and the driver has a Wechat account, could speak a little Chinese.

Ps: 早上出发去海神庙的路上,小伙伴们一直在路上拉肚子。。。耽误了一个小时才到。大家去巴厘岛不要乱吃东西。



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