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The rain has been on and off these days in Suzhou, and it makes the after-Holiday “blue” worse.  At the same time, Chinese New Year is coming up soon. I will be officially 29 years old. I had quite the panic about this age for reasons that I can’t quite put my finger on. Nothing is changing except my age. But everything looks so fresh and clean. I really need to cheer up for the New 2016.


It’s a little annoying to write a post everytime I workout. But every time I see a picture of someone working out or eating healthy, it motivates me! I feel GREAT from my workout and you should try it too. You don’t need sign to go to the gym, but I do suggest you to do some crunches at home. Continue Reading

New Year Holiday

Time really flies! Suddenly we are going to say “good bye” to 2015, and will be getting a new calendar for 2016. What’s your plan for the New Year Holiday? We will go to the spa and relax this weekend. But no matter what, it’s more important that the whole family is together. I have bought the bathing suits for my family, but still can’t decide which one I should wear.

I have seen many bloggers sharing the to-do lists for the new 2016 year. I wrote similar goals last year. But I forget all of them very soon. A year is so big time to make goals for it. We always think that we have a lot of time and in the end, we did almost nothing in the list. So this year I will not write my goals for the New Year, only wishes. We all have wishes for which we can do nothing, right? Not all wishes can become a reality. Continue Reading

Get Ready to Get Healthy and Fit for 2015!




周末在家有点无聊,Ethan跟我步行去了小区旁边的健身房。Get in shape! 终极目标不是要减肥,虽然我整天在喊着要减肥,只是想要更健康一点。生命在于运动,流水不腐户枢不蠹就是这么个道理了。仔细回忆起来,我的运动细胞已经定格在三年前,每隔两个周末去活动中心打羽毛球的日子。

1. 每两周至少去一趟健身房,年前去迪卡侬买好跑步机:30分钟小跑,30-60分钟慢走。
2. 喝柠檬水,美白排毒,以前都是夏天放冰箱喝,坚持冬天至少每两天一杯。
3. 每天选择一项运动,不能回家就变身sofa potato。
4. 少糖,少奶油,少油炸食品,少喝碳酸饮料。睡觉前三小时不吃零食。