Summer Weekend

It’s already summer, and it’s raining every day.

Earlier this week, we decided to take an out-door camping this weekend. I’m looking forward to heading to the park with Ivan. It’ll be really fun showing him all the things that I love about summer. But the weather ended up being kind of windy and rainy, so we stayed at home.

Ready for my bad mum moment?


Can’t believe my baby has learned to use the spoon and feed himself!! I had so much fun watching him eat his meal.

Some things I love about my Ivan….

If you are sitting on the sofa, better believe he will grab a book, and wait for you to read to him.
When I returned home from my work, he will come to give cuddles. And it’s my favorite.
He is learning to share and will feed his snack to me.
He loves to walk by holding both Ethan and my hand.
He giggles while hiding in my legs looking around because he thinks Ethan chases him (Ethan is just sitting in the corner when this happens ha-ha) but he will look around and then giggle and hide again. He does that over and over and thinks it’s hilarious.



Where we ate: 川福老灶房





This was the restaurant at 三香路. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t my favorite food. The website: 大众点评 has sent me a coupon for a dish of lobsters from this restaurant. I love getting Freebies. And there was a comic show at the center stage. It doesn’t seem like there could be a “bad part” when it comes to sitting on my table eating delicious food, watching the show and listening to live music. That was amazing.





All in all it was a great weekend. We had fun.


  1. 我儿子饿的时候自己抓饭吃也这形象,真是饿死宝宝了。他跟你捉迷藏的时候,你稍微配合一下,他就好开心的。

    • 额 我这个站本来字体全是英文的 后来伏虎帮我改成了宋体 然后又不知道咋滴不能用了 然后就成这样了 这样应该好了吧 现在。


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