Stephen Hawking, May he Rest in Peace 比起霍金的智商 我更欣赏他心的自由

I once closed my door alone and watched a film called “Theory of Everything” alone, because I admire the searching and analysis sprite of the unknown and inexhaustible thing.

Stephen Hawking believes in atheism but he is like a evangelist. He did not create steam engine to bring the industrial revolution like Carter, nor did he design computers with the mathematical soul of Turin’s miraculous version, so he was quite different from ordinary pragmatic scientists.

He is a philosopher who uses scientific methods, boldly conceives and validates, analyzes time and space, explores the meaning of human existence, and seeks connections between being and being lost.

Due to the current inertia, people like to speak with the facts they have seen. Therefore, there are some people who disagree with Hawking and regard him as an unscrupulous person.

However, in the big world, whoever can see the nature of it, the utilization rate of the human brain is so few. Therefore, I believe there should be bold and novel speculation and thinking.

There are many things in this world that are so coincidental. When the young Hawking is eager to explore the truth, he is suffering from a progressive illness. All this seems to imply something.

Now that Hawking has died, no one knows where he has gone. However, the road to discovery and search has not stopped and the WILL will indefinitely last forever.

My fingers can still be active, my brain can still think, I have the ideal of lifelong pursuit, loved and be loved, my loved ones and friends, and I have a grateful heart…

Although I am inconvenient in action and I need the help of a machine, my mind is free.

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