Start your Health and Fitness Journey

The rain has been on and off these days in Suzhou, and it makes the after-Holiday “blue” worse.  At the same time, Chinese New Year is coming up soon. I will be officially 29 years old. I had quite the panic about this age for reasons that I can’t quite put my finger on. Nothing is changing except my age. But everything looks so fresh and clean. I really need to cheer up for the New 2016.


It’s a little annoying to write a post everytime I workout. But every time I see a picture of someone working out or eating healthy, it motivates me! I feel GREAT from my workout and you should try it too. You don’t need sign to go to the gym, but I do suggest you to do some crunches at home.


10 minutes after the class begins, my legs start shaking…And now it really hurts.

When I sign the Kingsport gym club membership, my plan is to lower body fat and keep fit. After two weeks’ regular workout, I find it helps to strengthen my body and improve my sleeping quality.

From January, I start to drive my bad habits from my life. And now I am fully entered in the mood “Healthy” in 2016.

Each day is a new day to start the health and fitness journey!



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