Images of the Snow-covered Landscape in Zhuozheng Yuan 姑苏雪痕,犹如梦境 | SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry

北国早已飘过不知多少场雪后,苏城迎来了属于自己的第一场雪,雪姑娘扬扬洒洒地飘了三天三夜。周日一大早,迫不及待的打开窗户,看到窗外熟悉的风景一片白茫茫,再看看发现自己的车车又被埋了,心情无比雀跃,穿起雪地靴,相约 @herlife 一起飞奔去园林,生怕明天一场冬雨,雪就会融化了。

Luckily, we had a great amount of snow last weekend. As far back as I can remember, there is no heavy snow in recent five years. It is so nice to see the snow from my window this morning. I drove to the Humble Administrator’s Garden (or zhuozheng yuan), one of the four great gardens in China, to see the snow-covered landscape. So, I have chance to take pretty photos of snow and share them with you here.


I dreamed to live and work in northern cities, where would be covered by thick snow in the winter. That would be a total different lifestyle compared to life in watery towns of Southern China. Now when I stand there to all the trees covered with white snow, my dream has come true, and all these memories when I was a little girl come to life again. I have countless memories of running in all the gardens. And this time, I am glad that I can take Ivan here showing him old memories, and of course, making new ones.




This is my entry for 📷 Steemit Photo Challenge organised by @jamtaylor. For those who are not familiar with it, please read the details here. We are suggested to submit no more than 3 entries. That is why I put three images in this post.

这三张图用来提交 @jamtaylor 组织的摄影比赛 #steemitphotochallenge,想参加的可以点击这里,每人可以提交至多三张照片。

Theme|主题: Landscape | 自然风光





Remember to tagged both #photography and #steemitphotochallenge.

Camera/相机 📷: Nikon 尼康


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