Images of Nantong Wolf Mountain 心诚则灵 | ColorChallenge


Remembering my last visit to Nantong Wolf Mountain this summer in #mondayred on #colorchallenge contest. The Wolf Mountain is in south area of Nantong, where I was born and raised. I really admire the historic temples at the top of the mountain. And it is one of the famous eight little Buddhist Mountains.



I captured an old man climbing to the top on steep stairs holding a red plastic bag with a walking stick. That is why I named the series as “Sincerity can work Wonders”. Many young people including me choose a cable car ride, rather than hiking to the top. But this old man is trying hard to climb the stairs with his walking stick. In the red plastic bag, there are joss sticks and candles. He may be climb to the temple of the top to pray for his son or wife. It means best wishes to his family and friends.



Hi Steemit Friends, this is my entry for ColorChallenge initiated by @kalemandra. The color for Monday is Red. Here’s the detail for ColorChallenge. I like to share my traveling experience through different stories with my pictures.

原本是昨天准备的素材,参加 #mondayred, 跟 @veronicazhu@sunnyjolly 聚餐耽搁了一晚上,现在发也不算太晚吧。


I love the red color. it is passionate and energetic. I love wearing red clothes, and driving red cars. It is my wish to expect a more vivid lifestyle.



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