Happy Moments at Forest Water Park 夜访长三角最大的水上世界

Forest themed water park is a wonderful place to have fun with the family members at summer nights. My son really enjoy his stay as it has two chidren’s play areas, and many water slides for kids only. It also has large wave pool, and extreme racing slide for adults only ensuring a fantastic time for all ages. The forest water park is the largest in Yangtze River Delta Region. I have visited there once last month, see this post So Hot Weather? Have fun at Water parks here.

森林水世界号称是长三角最大的水上世界,上次白天暴晒的去过一次: 探访华东首个森林主题水上乐园,整个人晒黑了两个色号。这次是午夜场,晚上入园比白天便宜,特别适合昼伏夜出的我。夜场五点开始,我们下午五点半到的,两公里开外的马路上也全是停的车,基本都是外地车牌,不过还好停车场比较大,还有很多车位,不知道为什么大家都停在两公里开外的大马路上。

The lockers to store your valuables and the changing rooms are on the left hand. There are many individual rooms to keep some privacy in the changing room. You need to walk through a long distance Shiatsu sheet (same as the one in Running Man ) to enter the water park. It is really painful as we are barefoot. I suggest you to buy a waterproof phone bag to keep your phone clean. And there is no need to bring the swim ring as you could rent them at affordable prices.


When entering the water park, you can see large indoor wave pool. I really enjoy floating in the waves to feel the rush of water. There are many lifeguards standing around the pool to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. The wave pool require adult supervision for young children and the kids are required to wear buoyancy vest.


Ivan likes to feel the excitement when sliding down from the water slides. He tried all the water slides in the park. And there are water falls in the chidren’s play areas. He enjoys standing under every waterfall.


We really have some water fun there.



  1. 我个人不喜这种地方,因为人太胖,进去之后水会溢出很高,太尴尬

  2. 去了趟成都,住成都环球洲际酒店,人家的水上乐园好,室内的,白天也不怕晒。。。。这种室外的,实在不敢去,一天下来成碳,晚上人又多。。。


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