Travel to Bali: Half Day at Tanah Lot 滴~打卡海神庙~



I went to Pura Tanah Lot, an ancient Hindu temple last week, and was blown away by the natural beauty of this spectacular landscape. In the fifteenth century, The legend says there lives the gods of the sea. And now it remains a site of religious significance to Balinese people.


When I arrive there during low-tide, the temple looks “floating” at the sea. And the tourists could walk down on the beach and view this mysterious temple from a different perspective. Tanah Lot during sunset is just remarkable, but it is so crowded that I just stand far way from them when taking photos. Continue Reading

“A City A Story” photo weekly contest #25 : FREESTYLE 截然不同的欧洲风情 Shopping village

I went to the Suzhou shopping village to buy new bags and skirts for the coming summer last weekend. Bicester shopping village is translated to “奕欧来” in Chinese. “奕” refers to a brilliant, radiant, affluent, rich, and wealthy in Chinese; “欧” literally means “Europe”, that is to say, the brand, service, and shopping environment are inspired from Europe; “奕” and “欧来” are used together to represent “elegant and luxury styles from Europe”. The word “来” also means “come with me.” It is a welcome and invitation among friends.


The Bicester shopping villages are carefully built by a great company named “Value Retail”. And this company has invited 11 distinctive shopping destinations in Europe and China. I loving shopping there because I am attracted by its luxurious and beautiful shopping environment, but also get discount, and extraordinary customer services. It has body guide at every corner to keep us feel safe and help the guest to find the right brand location as the whole shopping center is quite large.


The shopping village brings together the world’s most famous fashion and lifestyle brands to attract visitors in Suzhou.


This shopping village is highly integrated with the local history, culture, and environment. Lets take Suzhou village for an example. It is located beside the beautiful Yangcheng Lake peninsula. From the photos I taken, you could see that the Outlet blends original Venetian elements and distinctive Chinese elements in its design. The architectural style is basically inspired by the features of the Marco Polo era. It has a traditional water garden,which is peaceful and at ease.


The shopping village is ultimate destination for more than 100 international fashion and lifestyle brand boutiques. It takes place interactive art exhibitions throughout the year so that guests can enjoy different pleasures every time they shop.


Besides the Outlets in Suzhou, The company opened 9 large shopping villages in Europe. To trace back to the first shopping village, it begins in London, and this quickly spreads to Barcelona, Paris, Frankfurt… Continue Reading

Magnificent Night Views of An idyllic County House 旺山夜色,春风沉醉的夜晚


April has always been one of my favorite months of the year, not only because it is Spring here and everything is so fresh and clean, but also the delicious food from the farmhouse. When I was little girl, my cousin and I spent countless days with my grandma at the countryside, playing in the rural field, and having fun when catching bees, dragonflies, and butterflies. When I was on vacation from School, we didn’t own cars, only bicycles. I tried every way possible to ask someone’s else to carry me to my grandma’s house. It was so nice!



I spent my last Valentine’s day at Wangshan with Ethan. And now we were here to spend a quiet and peaceful night together, watching the moon, stars, and listening to the sound from nature like the the croaking of frogs. I have been with Ethan for 14 years. We fall in love when I was sophomore. We have met each other at high school. At the time, we are forbidden to think about dating, only study harder and harder. But Ethan always bring me his favourite sweeties and milk. I remember one day, he gave me a bag of pure milk.Then I opened the bag with my month, and asked him for a straw. He said there’s no straw, and picked up that milk bag and drink directly. I thought he was intended to do that.


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一叶知春 Pretty Pictures of Flowers that Bloom in Late Winter and Early Spring



Ten years can see the changes of four seasons,
One hundred years can see the birth, old, illness and death of one’s life,
The millennium year can see the prosperity and defeat of a dynasty,
Ten thousand years can see the whole world moving around from A to Z.

If mortals use the vision of a day to snoop into the world for millions of years, it is like a frog in the bottom of the well.


Yesterday I watched “The Skywalking Nine Songs”. I watched this part over and over again. When Han Feizi faced the questions from the eternal king of his era, he uttered the truth of life. “Knowing the Spring and Autumn, Divining the Ancient, Seeing the Present, Observing Birth and Death”. I was attracted by his great thoughts.





When I was taking photos of the green leaves at the tree branches, the soft wind was whipping my cheeks. I realized that Spring has arrived, though the weather is still quite cold in Suzhou. I think Spring is the most beautiful season here.


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“A City A Story” photo weekly contest #22: Green COLOR 江南春光,最美人间四月天

Fair Southern shore with scenes I adore.
At sunrise riverside flowers redder than fire, In spring green waves grow as blue as sapphire.
Which I can’t but admire.


Good morning lovelies! It is Spring here in Suzhou, and summer is in the corner. So happy to be back in Suzhou after spending a 3-day holiday in my hometown during the Qingming Festival. My holiday was full of love hat feeling of hope when we think about the days spent with the passed ones. Today I am showing my entry for “A City A Story” photo weekly contest #22 COLOR hosted by @aaronli. I planned this green theme photo series to show the beautiful spring time in our city.

早安,各位!现在的苏州是最美的春季,夏天即将到来。在清明节期间,在家乡度过3天的假期,Ethan他家缅怀亲人的仪式感很足,一家人有着共同的回忆,一起追忆亲人,回忆过去,很有爱。今天这篇文章写来参加@aaronli主办的“A City A Story”照片每周比赛#22 COLOR的作品。我计划这个绿色的主题照片系列,展现江南美丽的春天。


Small bridges and flowing waters , white walls and dark grey roof tiles match one another in tranquil elegance



When I saw the theme of this contest: COLOR, what comes to my mind is: wow, our city definitely has NO colors for its architecture, ONLY white wall and black tiles. Yes, our city looks like a painting of ink and wash. Old street and deep lane, Water bridge, sheltered in the rain, like the watch of missing 1,000 years.


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Running with my Best friends at Shantang Ancient Town 日月交换,光影渐暗

The new year holiday is over, which left me a lot of work to do. I am crazy busy this week. But when I am thinking about what I have been up to, there is nothing. I only found 1000+ photos in my camera.That is a truth that I have spent time visiting around and taking pictures during the holiday.



Until I work my way to sort out and pick some pictures to post, I’ll just post a few from the last few days. We just got back from my hometown, where we spent 7 days to celebrating the Chinese new year. Lots of fun with our family & friends! It was also fun seeing a few relatives and eating delicious food. If you are from some places nearby, my hometown is a good place to visit.



We had a super fun when we were running around the Shantang Street. I have went through a few pictures and I a, excited to share today. The city I live is so beautiful. The pictures surprised us all.





I went on a girls trip with @veronicazhu and @sunnyjolly. They are my two besties that I worked with. Now it’s hard to find a time where we can all get together since now we are not work at the same place anymore. So we are aiming for at least once a month. I love them. I feel the time with them is super quick. I wish the time could slow up.



I have taken more pictures at the sunset I want to share then tomorrow. Hope you will like them.


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“A City A Story” photo weekly contest #15 FLOWER 春风和煦,美如壁画

“The osmanthus is the ultimate beauty of the things.” The city flower of Suzhou is sweet-scented osmanthus, which is a symbol of friendship, good fortune and happiness. Suzhou is known as “Garden City”, as the old saying goes, “Chinese garden is unparelled under heaven; Suzhou garden is unparelled in Jiangnan(south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River)”. There are many scenes named after osmanthus in Lingering Garden, Wang Shi Yuan, and Ou Garden. That is so called “rebuild heaven and earth within several meters”.


Unfortunately, there is no osmanthus in Suzhou city this the cold winter. But the plum trees begin to blossom. In Chinese tradition, plum flower is a spiritual symbol of strong and noble characters, which encourages our generations go through difficulty, and create a better life and civilization. Our ancestors are bearing up well against all misfortunes like the plum flowers blossom in the freezing winter.



Plum Blossom’s Fragrance Comes from the Bitter Cold Three Parts



There are two versions of Plum Blossom God in our Folk legend. One is poet Lin Kui in the Northern Song Dynasty, who secluded in a lonely mountain beside the West Lake. The other one is said to be Liu Mengmei in the Peony Pavilion of Ming Dynasty. In his dream, he met Du Liniang under the plum tree.


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Images of Loumen City Walls in Chinese New Year 姑苏风光-娄门城墙 | Suzhou Scenery

“娄门,本号疁门,东南,秦时有古疁县,至汉王莽改为娄县。 “《吴地记》载。

I went back to work since last Thursday! It feels super great to return to work, and I’m loving having a team of people to work with. I’ve been drinking and eating too much during the winter holiday, and I realize that I may need go out and enjoy some sunshine. Happily, the weather is quite good today.


Last night, I read a post shared by @justyy saying that some people are living a happy and easy life, while life is very difficult to others. It is lucky for me to travel and enjoy life at weekends. And the place I visited is Loumen City Walls. As my workweeks are full, I am trying to be a master of the weekend adventure.

昨天晚上,看了一篇 @justyy 分享的帖子,说有些人岁月静好,有些人负重前行。能到处散心旅游度假是一件幸运的事情,今天转悠到了娄门。

My son is getting bigger. It’s hard to believe that Ivan are turning to 5! I even didn’t get married when I started to write a blog. And tomorrow would be his first day of school this year.



Before i arrived there, I’d heard the rebuilt project for the old city walls. Suzhou is a city that holds onto its past history. After the rebuilt and repair is finished, the city walls stand unchanged, and open to everyone. It really is like being transported to the ancient history.


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Suzhou City at Sunset: Where China’s Past Meets Its Future 莫叹迟暮,大放异彩

Life got busy and I was trying to find a balance between steemit and life. But there would never be a perfect balance, which has actually made things a lot less stressful.I updated my personal blog life is an adventure to vps for a better user experience.


Suzhou is a luxury travel destination where China’s glorious past perfectly combined with its modern civilization. To live here is like taking a magic trip between China’s powerful past and prosperous tomorrow. I took some photos while running around my home this weekend. The whole city at the sunset looks really authentic and fascinating.


Many visitors come to our city to see cultural and historical to see the ancient temples, palaces, gardens, canals, and city walls. And when I was running, some visitors ask me where to buy silk production and Su embroidery.






Somehow Winter is already over and Spring just started. Time is flying, per usual. We had a busy, but great winter! And I am looking forward to meetups with my pretty, pretty friends @sunnyjolly and @veronicazhu. We celebrate everything possible every month. Continue Reading

Images of the Snow-covered Landscape in Zhuozheng Yuan 姑苏雪痕,犹如梦境 | SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry

北国早已飘过不知多少场雪后,苏城迎来了属于自己的第一场雪,雪姑娘扬扬洒洒地飘了三天三夜。周日一大早,迫不及待的打开窗户,看到窗外熟悉的风景一片白茫茫,再看看发现自己的车车又被埋了,心情无比雀跃,穿起雪地靴,相约 @herlife 一起飞奔去园林,生怕明天一场冬雨,雪就会融化了。

Luckily, we had a great amount of snow last weekend. As far back as I can remember, there is no heavy snow in recent five years. It is so nice to see the snow from my window this morning. I drove to the Humble Administrator’s Garden (or zhuozheng yuan), one of the four great gardens in China, to see the snow-covered landscape. So, I have chance to take pretty photos of snow and share them with you here.


I dreamed to live and work in northern cities, where would be covered by thick snow in the winter. That would be a total different lifestyle compared to life in watery towns of Southern China. Now when I stand there to all the trees covered with white snow, my dream has come true, and all these memories when I was a little girl come to life again. I have countless memories of running in all the gardens. And this time, I am glad that I can take Ivan here showing him old memories, and of course, making new ones.




This is my entry for 📷 Steemit Photo Challenge organised by @jamtaylor. For those who are not familiar with it, please read the details here. We are suggested to submit no more than 3 entries. That is why I put three images in this post.

这三张图用来提交 @jamtaylor 组织的摄影比赛 #steemitphotochallenge,想参加的可以点击这里,每人可以提交至多三张照片。 Continue Reading