Application for LM & translator’s role (Simplified Chinese) with DaVinci

Good morning, everyone. My name is @hannahwu. I am writing this post to apply for both Language Manager and Translator’s roles (Simplified Chinese) with DaVinci. It is an appealing job to me to do translation for open source projects, actually it is my major and my interest.


I graduated from Nanjing University of finance and economics in 2009, and my major was English. During my school time, I have passed TEM-8 (Test for English majors – Grade 8).

Now I work as a marketing manager in a foreign trade company, which has over 200 employees of different nationalities. I have ten years’ working experience in e-marketing like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and YouTube KOL.

My oral English is not bad as I need to have video meetings in English to report my work every week to our branch office manager in the United States. Besides that, I am responsible to attend many foreign trade exhibits aboard, and have worked with hundreds of Key Opinion Leaders to promote our brand.

In addition, I am a passionate blogger for over 5 years. In my spare time, I like to read and write in both Chinese and English. My my blog address is


I have joined steemit for over a year, and have been enjoying writing and making new friends here. My translation experience here is to help do the translation and review work at @cn-reader, an account setup by @rivalhw. I run a team to translate the white papers, some latest news from blockchian, and some selected posts from “Monthly Review”.

Now I would be love to contribute to open source projects. And I will try my best.

Thanks for your time.

English Version:

Link here:






现在我在一家外贸公司担任营销经理,该公司拥有200多名不同国籍的员工。我有十年的营销工作经验,很擅长Google AdWords,Facebook广告和YouTube网络红人合作。







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  1. 我终于知道了你的职业~233狼婶婶~



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