“A City A Story” photo weekly contest #25 : FREESTYLE 截然不同的欧洲风情 Shopping village

I went to the Suzhou shopping village to buy new bags and skirts for the coming summer last weekend. Bicester shopping village is translated to “奕欧来” in Chinese. “奕” refers to a brilliant, radiant, affluent, rich, and wealthy in Chinese; “欧” literally means “Europe”, that is to say, the brand, service, and shopping environment are inspired from Europe; “奕” and “欧来” are used together to represent “elegant and luxury styles from Europe”. The word “来” also means “come with me.” It is a welcome and invitation among friends.


The Bicester shopping villages are carefully built by a great company named “Value Retail”. And this company has invited 11 distinctive shopping destinations in Europe and China. I loving shopping there because I am attracted by its luxurious and beautiful shopping environment, but also get discount, and extraordinary customer services. It has body guide at every corner to keep us feel safe and help the guest to find the right brand location as the whole shopping center is quite large.


The shopping village brings together the world’s most famous fashion and lifestyle brands to attract visitors in Suzhou.


This shopping village is highly integrated with the local history, culture, and environment. Lets take Suzhou village for an example. It is located beside the beautiful Yangcheng Lake peninsula. From the photos I taken, you could see that the Outlet blends original Venetian elements and distinctive Chinese elements in its design. The architectural style is basically inspired by the features of the Marco Polo era. It has a traditional water garden,which is peaceful and at ease.


The shopping village is ultimate destination for more than 100 international fashion and lifestyle brand boutiques. It takes place interactive art exhibitions throughout the year so that guests can enjoy different pleasures every time they shop.


Besides the Outlets in Suzhou, The company opened 9 large shopping villages in Europe. To trace back to the first shopping village, it begins in London, and this quickly spreads to Barcelona, Paris, Frankfurt…


If you want to buy the luxury items, you are suggested to visit the village. It is located in the heart of the modern developing district. It takes about 40 minutes to reach the Village Station from the bus station. Now it is considered to be the most fashionable shopping center here in Suzhou. The spacious walkways are dotted with gardening landscapes. And there are also some great restaurants full of surprises line the sides.


I bring my son to eat some handmade ice cream in VAI. Surprisingly, the note on the table is written in English.


The decoration seems like Japanese styles. However, I didn’t find any Japanese brands there. Only UGG store stands besides it.


HAPPY! Does it mean happy shopping?


Suzhou Outlet is opened in 2016, only 30 minutes driving from the city center. The building blends the Art Deco style of Milan, Vienna, New York and Paris in the 1920s and is full of the charm of the Jazz era. Many first-class international fashion and lifestyle brand boutiques can be found there. Besides that, there are numerous restaurants and cafes along the shopping boulevard. All the visitors can enjoy lakeside views while dining.


This is my entry to join the “A city A story contest” hosted by @aaronli: #25 FREESTYLE.

Location/地点: Suzhou, China 中国苏州
Camera/相机 : HUAWEI P20 华为



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