“A City A Story” photo weekly contest #24: Green 梦里江南,在苏州遇见你

If you’re following me on Wechat, you may know that I enjoy taking photos everywhere at the weekends. And today I’d like to share with you all my impressions of Suzhou, the city where I live to join the “A city story contest” hosted by @aaronli. To make some difference, I would be love to use six adjectives a list-point format to describe my city.


Ancient 古典

Suzhou is well-known for its small bridges and flowing waters, and it has a beautiful name: Riverside Town in Southern China. And according to the policy from the local government, our architecture could only be decorated with white walls and dark gray roof tiles to match the ancient travel city theme: old street, deep lane, romantic water bridge, like a painting of ink and wash.


Natural 自然
From the news of China-daily, now Suzhou is most commonly known as the top 5 new first-tier city for its fast developing economy, and of course its doubled house prices. The new apartment building next door has grown to 4,0000 Chinese Yuan per square meter. It is not acceptable to me. Isn’t it sad to say our living environment is much natural than many heavily polluted cities. We have a district that is mainly developing tourism industry, where the nature is perfectly protected.



Crowded 拥挤
There are fewer traffic jams here compared to other cities like Nanjing, or Shanghai. But our city is full of people, too. Many mobile population from the countryside come here to seek for better job opportunities. You could see from the photos below that there are so many people outside for a lights, music and fireworks jubilee at the Jinji lake. Notice that the changing light is in green color.



Immense 大
It is actually more than a economic center. It has the most beautiful lake: Taihu, and the peaceful islands: Dongshan and xishan, which are the origin of 曼陀山庄 written by Jin Yong. People here are isolated from the outside world. Now it is connected by three long long bridges. You need to drive half an hour to pass the three bridges.


Hospitable 好客

People here sometimes quite serious, but indeed we are very friendly. Maybe that is why our city have more and more mobile population. Many of us may seem unfriendly at first. The latter you will find they don’t necessarily mean that they are. They are just always busy, nervous, just shy, and scared to be cheated.


Modern 现代

Suzhou is a beautiful city offers an almost picture perfect balance between quaint and modern, refined and relaxed. That is to say, this city is perfectly combined with western cultures, though it is still trying hard to keep its traditional culture. Let’s take a restaurant named “雀蓝” for example, it is a Sichuan food restaurant, which combines the traditional spicy food cooking method with the western modern cooking ways. Most impressive is the peacock at the front door looks so real. As an added bonus, the surrounding is decorated in peacock theme, offering its dinner guests a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.


So, that is all my unique views on Suzhou city. If you have something to comment, please be leave your words at the Comments area. Thanks for your time.


Location/地点: Suzhou, China 中国苏州
Camera/相机 : Nikon 尼康



  1. 你笔下的苏州真是格外美丽

  2. 好奋斗啊,节假日还不忘征文……


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