“A City A Story” photo weekly contest #22: Green COLOR 江南春光,最美人间四月天

Fair Southern shore with scenes I adore.
At sunrise riverside flowers redder than fire, In spring green waves grow as blue as sapphire.
Which I can’t but admire.


Good morning lovelies! It is Spring here in Suzhou, and summer is in the corner. So happy to be back in Suzhou after spending a 3-day holiday in my hometown during the Qingming Festival. My holiday was full of love hat feeling of hope when we think about the days spent with the passed ones. Today I am showing my entry for “A City A Story” photo weekly contest #22 COLOR hosted by @aaronli. I planned this green theme photo series to show the beautiful spring time in our city.

早安,各位!现在的苏州是最美的春季,夏天即将到来。在清明节期间,在家乡度过3天的假期,Ethan他家缅怀亲人的仪式感很足,一家人有着共同的回忆,一起追忆亲人,回忆过去,很有爱。今天这篇文章写来参加@aaronli主办的“A City A Story”照片每周比赛#22 COLOR的作品。我计划这个绿色的主题照片系列,展现江南美丽的春天。


Small bridges and flowing waters , white walls and dark grey roof tiles match one another in tranquil elegance



When I saw the theme of this contest: COLOR, what comes to my mind is: wow, our city definitely has NO colors for its architecture, ONLY white wall and black tiles. Yes, our city looks like a painting of ink and wash. Old street and deep lane, Water bridge, sheltered in the rain, like the watch of missing 1,000 years.



The day we took this photos with Ethan, it was one the cold morning in Suzhou. And we met an old friend, and her first comment was: Aren’t you cold? The morning here is chilly, but when the sun go up, the weather will become heated.




We celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary when I saw some newly married couples are taking wedding photos. So sweet. I am very excited to see everyone around me is in love. Love is in the air. It feels like fall in love again. I had a very busy weekend when taking this photo series. It was a lovely day but we were so tired at the end lol.

当我看到一些新婚夫妇正在拍婚纱照时,我们庆祝了我们的第六个结婚纪念日。如此甜蜜。我很高兴看到身边的每个人都在恋爱。爱无所不在。感觉就像再次坠入爱河。拍摄这部影集时我周末非常忙碌。 是美好的一天,但我们在最后很疲倦。



The weather is quite good, and the air is fresh. It is the perfect time to date with Ethan. I love the simplicity of those green days in this beautiful city, just a simple walk to the river side and you feel totally inspired again.



I hope you have a lovely weekend. thank you for reading. Xoxo



Location/地点: Suzhou, China 中国苏州
Camera/相机 : Nikon 尼康



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