“A City A Story” photo weekly contest #15 FLOWER 春风和煦,美如壁画

“The osmanthus is the ultimate beauty of the things.” The city flower of Suzhou is sweet-scented osmanthus, which is a symbol of friendship, good fortune and happiness. Suzhou is known as “Garden City”, as the old saying goes, “Chinese garden is unparelled under heaven; Suzhou garden is unparelled in Jiangnan(south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River)”. There are many scenes named after osmanthus in Lingering Garden, Wang Shi Yuan, and Ou Garden. That is so called “rebuild heaven and earth within several meters”.


Unfortunately, there is no osmanthus in Suzhou city this the cold winter. But the plum trees begin to blossom. In Chinese tradition, plum flower is a spiritual symbol of strong and noble characters, which encourages our generations go through difficulty, and create a better life and civilization. Our ancestors are bearing up well against all misfortunes like the plum flowers blossom in the freezing winter.



Plum Blossom’s Fragrance Comes from the Bitter Cold Three Parts



There are two versions of Plum Blossom God in our Folk legend. One is poet Lin Kui in the Northern Song Dynasty, who secluded in a lonely mountain beside the West Lake. The other one is said to be Liu Mengmei in the Peony Pavilion of Ming Dynasty. In his dream, he met Du Liniang under the plum tree.



Only bare branches left on the willow. The spring is not come yet.




This is my entry for “A City A Story” photo weekly contest #15 FLOWER hosted by @aaronli. I planned my last photo series to attend the #14 New YEAR. But I found it was too late, and it has already ended. If you want to know more details, please click here.

这是我参加@aaronli主办的“A City A Story”照片每周照片比赛#15 花的作品。我原本计划上一篇文章中的贴上了对联的娄门城门参加#14,居然已经结束了。更多信息,请点击这里


Location/地点: Suzhou, China 中国苏州
Camera/相机 📷: Nikon 尼康



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