“A City A Story” photo weekly contest #25 : FREESTYLE 截然不同的欧洲风情 Shopping village

I went to the Suzhou shopping village to buy new bags and skirts for the coming summer last weekend. Bicester shopping village is translated to “奕欧来” in Chinese. “奕” refers to a brilliant, radiant, affluent, rich, and wealthy in Chinese; “欧” literally means “Europe”, that is to say, the brand, service, and shopping environment are inspired from Europe; “奕” and “欧来” are used together to represent “elegant and luxury styles from Europe”. The word “来” also means “come with me.” It is a welcome and invitation among friends.


The Bicester shopping villages are carefully built by a great company named “Value Retail”. And this company has invited 11 distinctive shopping destinations in Europe and China. I loving shopping there because I am attracted by its luxurious and beautiful shopping environment, but also get discount, and extraordinary customer services. It has body guide at every corner to keep us feel safe and help the guest to find the right brand location as the whole shopping center is quite large.


The shopping village brings together the world’s most famous fashion and lifestyle brands to attract visitors in Suzhou.


This shopping village is highly integrated with the local history, culture, and environment. Lets take Suzhou village for an example. It is located beside the beautiful Yangcheng Lake peninsula. From the photos I taken, you could see that the Outlet blends original Venetian elements and distinctive Chinese elements in its design. The architectural style is basically inspired by the features of the Marco Polo era. It has a traditional water garden,which is peaceful and at ease.


The shopping village is ultimate destination for more than 100 international fashion and lifestyle brand boutiques. It takes place interactive art exhibitions throughout the year so that guests can enjoy different pleasures every time they shop.


Besides the Outlets in Suzhou, The company opened 9 large shopping villages in Europe. To trace back to the first shopping village, it begins in London, and this quickly spreads to Barcelona, Paris, Frankfurt… Continue Reading








Magnificent Night Views of An idyllic County House 旺山夜色,春风沉醉的夜晚


April has always been one of my favorite months of the year, not only because it is Spring here and everything is so fresh and clean, but also the delicious food from the farmhouse. When I was little girl, my cousin and I spent countless days with my grandma at the countryside, playing in the rural field, and having fun when catching bees, dragonflies, and butterflies. When I was on vacation from School, we didn’t own cars, only bicycles. I tried every way possible to ask someone’s else to carry me to my grandma’s house. It was so nice!



I spent my last Valentine’s day at Wangshan with Ethan. And now we were here to spend a quiet and peaceful night together, watching the moon, stars, and listening to the sound from nature like the the croaking of frogs. I have been with Ethan for 14 years. We fall in love when I was sophomore. We have met each other at high school. At the time, we are forbidden to think about dating, only study harder and harder. But Ethan always bring me his favourite sweeties and milk. I remember one day, he gave me a bag of pure milk.Then I opened the bag with my month, and asked him for a straw. He said there’s no straw, and picked up that milk bag and drink directly. I thought he was intended to do that.


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望求菩萨来点化 渡我素贞出凡尘
——可爱 可歌 可泣的异地恋



签了一单成功了,公司奖励了一大笔分红,特别想开一瓶好酒,去曾经看都不敢看一眼的豪华餐厅订个位子,可是坐在对面的那个人,他(她)好远。 Continue Reading


Last month, I had a sweet friend leave to be with Jesus. It was a car accident on her travel in Yunnan. The driver is drunk. I HATE all the drunk drivers as they are TRULY killers on the road.

I met her when I was on my honeymoon in Europe. After getting to know each other, I found her father is a business partner of my father. She was truly beautiful inside and out. And she has a little daughter, under the age of two. I cried when my father told me that she was died in the car accident. And her husband is not kind to her parents after her death. He even didn’t allow her little daughter to attend her funeral. All losses are the same in some ways and different in others. I can’t imagine what her parents are going through. They are getting old, with no support from her husband. And her little daughter won’t have a chance to know her mom, as she is only 1 years old and she cannot remember things now. All these literally gives me pain all over. I ask everyone who reads this post could pray for her and her family.

When I think over that she is a new mom, I cannot stop crying. And we could not believe in anyone, even our dearest husband.

I am too scared to write this post in Chinese. Hope everything will get better soon. I tried to let it go, knowing there was literally nothing I could do. But all these things constantly repeat in my mind. I used to share only the happiness on social media, and try my hardest not to share bad memories as I don’t want anyone to know my pain or discomfort. I laughed at those who constantly complain how the world has wronged them. But now I think it’s acceptable to share the sad moments of life.










也有在专业领域研发出了领先的专利,想要以此创业当老板,可是问题是,MD,我说的话投资人根本听不懂,而自己脑海中是一片的碧海蓝天和金山银山,可怎么就说不出来,就做不出一份像样BPContinue Reading

Stephen Hawking, May he Rest in Peace 比起霍金的智商 我更欣赏他心的自由

I once closed my door alone and watched a film called “Theory of Everything” alone, because I admire the searching and analysis sprite of the unknown and inexhaustible thing.

Stephen Hawking believes in atheism but he is like a evangelist. He did not create steam engine to bring the industrial revolution like Carter, nor did he design computers with the mathematical soul of Turin’s miraculous version, so he was quite different from ordinary pragmatic scientists.

He is a philosopher who uses scientific methods, boldly conceives and validates, analyzes time and space, explores the meaning of human existence, and seeks connections between being and being lost.

Due to the current inertia, people like to speak with the facts they have seen. Therefore, there are some people who disagree with Hawking and regard him as an unscrupulous person.

However, in the big world, whoever can see the nature of it, the utilization rate of the human brain is so few. Therefore, I believe there should be bold and novel speculation and thinking.

There are many things in this world that are so coincidental. When the young Hawking is eager to explore the truth, he is suffering from a progressive illness. All this seems to imply something.

Now that Hawking has died, no one knows where he has gone. However, the road to discovery and search has not stopped and the WILL will indefinitely last forever.

My fingers can still be active, my brain can still think, I have the ideal of lifelong pursuit, loved and be loved, my loved ones and friends, and I have a grateful heart…

Although I am inconvenient in action and I need the help of a machine, my mind is free. Continue Reading







另外,今天在网约车上看到了件好玩儿的东西,在座位上套了一个按摩座套,只要扫一下二维码,可以在车上体验按摩座椅。 Continue Reading