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Nominated by Alpha Male @rivalhw , I am writing this post to share my goals for 2018.


(拍摄于2017年第一次苏州聚会 together with @candiceji

How Time flies! It is December 27. We are going to say “good bye” to 2017, and will be getting a new calendar for 2018. I took a deep breath before writing these words. I viewed all the posts I have written the previous year so that I could write down my impression about it. The Year of the Rooster is with happy endings. With others. With myself. It is a year of new friendship. I changed a new job. I joined the Steemit Community. I started new adventures. It is a year of hard work and a year of Laughter and tears. It is so good to know you guys, and the worth of all your words. For the the coming 2018, it’s time to make new memories, meet new people, do new things, and live it up.

时光飞逝,2017年就快结束了,同事正在手绘她的2018年的台历来标记三天的元旦假期。原来一年过得这么快,年初发生的事情都还历历在目,转眼就到年尾了。被大伟哥 @rivalhw点名写2018年新年计划,2017年经历了很多的事情,沉甸甸到几乎要无从下笔。翻看了一下去年写的2017年的计划,发现完成率几乎为0,如果几十年后超级进化的人类真的发明了时空机器可以穿越时空,也许我会选择回到这2017年初,把那些没看完的书,没跑完的步,没健完的身,没追完的剧一一完成。今年我决定不定目标吧,婉约一点,写写我的美好愿景。人们总是有着美好的愿望可以憧憬,达不成也无所谓啦,而目标可是要为之奋斗的,在区块链上立的目标可是删不掉的,不想啪啪打脸一年后的自己,所以此篇是2018年我的愿望啦。

I have seem many steemit friends sharing the to-do-list for the new 2018 year. I wrote similar goals last year at my personal blog: Life is an Adventure. But I forget what I have written very soon. A year is so long time to make goals for it. I believe I have almost 365 days to make goals come true. But in the end, I did almost nothing in my lists. So for the coming year, I will not write my goals, only wishes. We all have wishes for which we can do nothing. Not all wishes can become a reality, right?


Steem On

It seems nothing happened last year but when I look back my posts I share on steemit, I realize that I went through a lot in 2017. It’s a weird little gift, wrapped up in an online package. It is amazing to imagine that when I grow old, my grandson will read my posts here, and see his grandma used to be a beauty with great thoughts. But I feel really bad because very much neglected my personal blog while I am so keen on steemit. For the new year, I plan to find more time to blog about what I love the most.


Body Fitness

Last year, I have made a body fitness goal for 2017. Why are girls always trying to lose weight? All girls want to be skinny and have big boobs. Earlier this year, I ordered two VIP cards from the Kingsport Gym Club, but after half a year, I have sold the two cards at very low prices. I thought it would work if I paid a lot money for the fitness cards. As I said I must have more sports in my life, I’m really going to do something with this in the New Year 2018. It’s good for my fitness, beauty and even a better mood.


7th Wedding Anniversary

Ethan and I have been married for a little over 6 year now. To me, it feels like we have married many years ago and we’re going on our 10th wedding anniversary. I think I learn more than I expect to learn after we had our lovely son. Compromising, sharing, living with another person really teaches you a few things about yourself. Overall, the past year of marriage has been just fabulous. We’ve definitely had our bad minutes, or days, and on occasion weekends, but the good days definitely outweigh the bad ones. I am expecting the 20th, 30th, … 60th wedding anniversaries.


You smile, I smile.

It may be cliche, but we only have one life to live, and we never know when it may be our last day. So we gotta smile as much as we can, laugh as much as possible, spend time with the people that love us, and live life.


What’s your plan for the New Year Holiday? We will go back hometown to attend my grandpa’s funeral. But no matter what, it’s more important that the whole family is together. Colleagues went to my home for celebrating New Year Eve ahead of time. We played cards and drank a lot. Dreaming Lu @sunnyjolly so lacked of skill at cards, finally turned to ‘Drinking Lu’. Sally is playing cards like shopping at the shopping mall. Buy one, get two. Why? Cause it’s ‘Te Hui Zhuang’. LOL. Eric, husband of @veronicazhu, seems like a stuffed shirt when you first meet him. Actually, we made him shy.

你的新年假期准备出发去哪里?我需要回老家参加我爷爷去世49天后的葬礼仪式。不管去哪里,最重要的是和你所爱的人在一起。同事们昨天提前来我家跨年,我们一起打牌喝酒,@sunnyjolly 牌技好差,每次都是她喝的最多,我们都严重怀疑她是故意输掉骗酒喝。@veronicazhu 的老公也来参加啦,不过他的高冷气质一直跟我们一帮女疯子格格不入,小芳芳说,他是因为害羞所以高冷。

Happy 2018 everyone! Thank you for your support throughout the year. ♥ I hope you are all having a great start to your year.


如果 @all 有用的话,现在我要开始点名全世界参加《2018年个人计划》活动 ,只点名一个的话那非我的偶像莫属啦: @tumutanzi


  1. 几乎为零是个形容词,哈哈哈~~新年有个大计划就是工作上必须有所作为!哈哈哈~~


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