Happy 1st birthday, sweet Ivan!

Ivan babe, you are truly the sunshine in our days. This past year has been both the sweetest and the fastest year of my life, and I can’t even imagine what goodness this next one will bring.

There are things you learn when you get a chance to do them a second time. When Ivan turned two months we threw a HUGE party. Our house was bursting at the seams with people, I used all of my energy actually planning the party, rather than enjoying my sweet boy turning two months and all the love surrounding us. I told myself we’d never do that again! So as Ivan’s birthday got closer I promised myself I would keep it small and simple. This time we were only inviting the people that were actively in his life, not all of our friends just because they’re our friends and we’re having a party. Our guest list was small, and I was excited about that- it felt nice knowing there would just be family and a handful of friends helping to celebrate our Ivan.


When I started to plan the decorations I felt very strongly that I didn’t need to spend much to have a great party. Then, I spent ¥100 for all the balloons.

The day was SO great. I felt 100% stress free and really felt like I could enjoy the entire party, both the simple prep and spending time with people, and my focus was on what mattered- the birthday boy! I definitely appreciate a beautiful, elaborate party, and admire parents who can orchestrate them, but moving forward this little family is going to continue to keep it simple. I of course forgot to take photos for most of the party, but I do have a few to share.